Gifts are never expected, but a few sweet gentlemen have asked about my taste and preferences. Here you'll find my updated lists of restaurants I'd love to try, shows to see, cities on my destination bucket list, etc. 

My more material wish lists, beyond gift giving are a great way to get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the photos. As Nick Hornby once wrote "It's not just what you're like, it's what you like". 


Like to take control? You can choose exactly what you'd like me to wear on our date with my Net A Porter wishlist. 

Art books, literature, cooking / camera gear and other covetables can be found on my Delivery Code or Amazon wishlists. 


Make me more interesting! ;)

I'm studying French & Italian at Idlewild. Gift cards there are always handy as I potter along towards fluency.

I cook, sip & entertain a lot, so I've got a long list of classes I'd like to tick off at The Institute of Culinary Education as well.

Getaway Ideas

Corfu Think olive groves, squeezing lemon all over our calimari, and me slipping my bikini top off on the beach

Copenhagen A total foodie mecca. Let's go when it's warm, rent bikes, and roll around town all day until we wind up at Noma (eagerly awaiting it's reopening) for the most memorable dinner ever.

Amalfi Coast Hotel Pellicano, La Sireneuse, poolside glamour, fresh fish, and franciacorta galore. I did this dream trip with a girlfriend this summer, and haven't stopped fantasizing about it since. 

Paris I spent two years living in Paris. I'll play translator, show you my favorite neighborhood gem, and we'll order a seafood tower, french fries & a bottle of champagne. I'll really love you if you suggest we pop down to Champagne for a little winery hopping. 

Tokyo I've been once, but only for a quick two nights. Let's do it right this time, after AM sushi maybe hop on a bullet train to Kyoto and soak off our jet lag in the thermal baths?

Croatia - I really really wanna go to the Plitvice Lakes.

Montreal - Close, cute, quaint, delicious, and an opportunity to dazzle you in French...not to mention the many sexy Canadian babes on my wish list. 

English Countryside - I'm a huge fan of the English. Why don't we start in London (some of the world's best lingerie shopping, if you ask me), and then pop out to Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire for a night or two of fresh air & cold pints. If you think you can handle two statuesque blondes, maybe we give Rose Hamilton a buzz...

NYC Wining, Dining & Entertainment Wishlist

The following list are places I've heard about & read about, but have not yet had a chance to try. Any gentleman wishing to help me cross an item off my bucket list should expect to waltz his way to the top of my dance card! xxx

Uptown Dining

The Aviary (Progressive cocktail bar overlooking Central Park, sister to Alinea in Chicago) / Make a reservation

The Office (Linked to The Aviary, but with a more retrospective spin - classic cocktails, rather than experimental.) / Make a reservation

Sushi Ginza Onodera (The only U.S. 2 Michelin star Japanese restaurant!) / Make a reservation

The Pool (The newly updated Four Seasons restaurant)/ Make a reservation

Downtown Dining

Uchu (Walking distance from my incall) / Make a reservation

Temple Court / Make a reservation


Cote / (New York's first-ever Michelin-star for Korean fare) / Make a reservation

Eleven Madison / Make a reservation


Broadway An American in Paris (Open run)