Travel I tour occasionally, but if you'd like to have me where you want me when you want me, I'm happy to hop on a plane with a little bit of notice. 

Here's how that works.

-Rates vary based on the length of the trip, so send me an email letting me know where and when you'd like me to meet you. 

-I'll book my flight, and include that price in my rate.

-A deposit of 50%  of the rate will be required in order to secure the date. (For trips of 3+ days, 25% is sufficient)  

-Please give me a few hours per day to myself to relax, re-set and get pretty for you. (It's not personal. I ask my sister for it too when we travel together ;)

-I need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted shut eye and one cup of coffee in order to function. 



A Pre-Date Guide...


Hygiene Be a gent. How much more do I need to say? A shower, fresh towels, and even a new toothbrush are at your disposal if you'd like to freshen up at my incall.

Screening I have a fun, but busy, buzzing life. I only meet a few gentleman per week, so I do all that I can to ensure that we'll both have an amazing evening (or afternoon!) together. A big part of that is screening! If we haven't met yet, please take the time to fill out my booking form. There are two separate forms - one for those of you with references, and one for those without. References are like the good word a friend puts in for you before a blind date, so you can imagine how much they help in moving us toward a rendez-vous. If you have them, please do provide! I'm always more comfortable walking into a date with a guy I've heard a glowing review of. 

Reference Requirements Please provide me with the name, email address, and website of two upscale, independent ladies who you have met within the past 6 months. Help me, help us! If you only send me their names, I might not have time to sleuth around for it, and your email might just get skipped in preference of answering more thorough ones ahead of yours. 

Punctuality Traffic in New York can be brutal, and it rears its ugly head at the least convenient of times - I get that. I can offer a 15 minute grace period, but after that I'm afraid your arrival time does affect the length of our date.

Payment I accept cash, and several different digital payment platforms. Feel free to ask about options if you'd like to pay digitally. 

Extensions If during our date you decide that you just can't get enough, and would like to extend, I will be happy to do so if my schedule allows. The rate for in-date extensions is $1000 per hour. 

Cancellations Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If such a bad thing were to happen to us, here is the protocol -

72 hours notice - Slap on the wrist in the form of a 50% deposit requirement for future dates.

24 hours or less - 25% cancellation fee

If I've taken a deposit, and I have to cancel I will of course return it in full immediately.